Mill Woods Assembly Church Signage

The Process


We are privileged to have worked with Mill Woods Assembly recently on a new LED sign for their prominent Mill Woods location. The church was looking for signage that would reflect their updated, more modern brand image, and a digital display was the perfect solution to communicate to the community everything they do.

Potential Challenges:

  1. Design a concept that would complement the existing building and reflect the new image brand image for the church.
  2. Work within a specific budget.
  3. Balance the permit concerns that the City and nearby neighbors had regarding the impact of an electronic sign in the community.

The creative solution:

  • Compliment the simple square black architectural lines the large feature window had in the pylon design.
  • A single-sided display allowed the church to afford a higher-resolution display that fit their vision for an electronic sign.
  • Going with a entire new pylon instead of revamping the existing allowed us to place in a more ideal location.

Millwoods- 1000

In the end the church purchased a simple pylon structure that complimented their existing building with a Daktronics GP4 110×220 16mm digital display that clearly communicates their message while reflecting the new modern brand image. The completed sign could not have turned out better!

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