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Digital Signage

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Grande Prairie Digital Signage

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Digital Signage, (also known as LED signs or Electronic Message Centres) are quickly becoming the marketing medium of choice for business signage. Our team of experienced, LED Sign Experts have worked with clients across Western Canada to help grow their brand through the most cost-effective form of advertising, Digital Signage.

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Cost Effective Advertising

Compared to traditional advertising media (TV, radio, newspaper and flyers), LED Signs have the lowest cost per a thousand exposures:

Cost Per Thousand Exposures

 Daktronics 2013 

Television $ 7 – $ 45
Newspapers $ 6.99- $ 17
Radio $ 11.38 – $ 16.10
Digital Display $ 0.05 – $ 0.38

See the white paper Decline of Traditional Media for more statistics.

Target Your Audience Where They Are

Special Event Rentals- Daktronics GP4 16mm display installed 2015.

Special Event Rentals- Daktronics GP4 16mm display installed 2015.

85% of customers come from within a 5-mile radius of your business.

  • Capitalize on impulse shopping; reach customers close to the point of sale where they are able to stop.
  • A front door audience; LED signage doesn’t waste your marketing dollars by reaching consumers outside your trade area or target market.

2 out of 5 consumers make last minute buying decisions; digital signage give your business the opportunity to attract impulse purchases.

A Picture is Worth…

Viewers recall text better when displayed along with a graphic. Make your business memorable by displaying spectacular, eye-catching images displayed in trillions of vivid colors.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Digital Display

Before purchasing a new digital signage system, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

EDC Presentation from 5 Star May 8 2014-1

Edmonton Design Committee Presentation for Norquest College Signage

LED Sign Permitting

We specialize in complex permit applications and appeals, so let our experienced team handle the entire permitting process:

  • Bylaws for EMC’s vary greatly from one municipality to another with varying restrictions on things like size and brightness.
  • Our team will review all bylaws in the design process to ensure complete compliance with local requirements.

 Royal LePage EMC- 750

Royal LePage ArTeam Realty- Edmonton

Typical Messages | Viewing Distance

What types of content (messages) are you hoping to display on your new Digital Signage; text-only messages where a single-colour (mono) display will suffice or full-image graphics?

The more detailed the images to be displayed, and the distance your message will be viewed from will determine what size EMC will best display your message, and which pixel-pitch (resolution) best suits your advertising needs.

What will the new digital display be primarily used for; personal advertising or selling third-party messages? In different jurisdictions, the type of content your display is featuring will determine

Communication with the Display

All Digital Signage displays will need to connect back to either your local network, or an internet connection to be programmed.

  • Where will the EMC be located in relation to your business?
  • The distance from the digital signage display to your business will determine what form of communication is the best option: fiber optic, modem, or radio communication are the most common options.

Payment Options | Financing

Purchasing a new digital signage display is easier than ever with our flexible payment options:

  • Lease-to-own financing with flexible payment options, down-payments and buy-outs.
  •  Financing may allow you to afford the display which truly meets your needs, versus one that currently fits in the budget.
  • Ask your sales rep about Blanchett’s flexible payment options.

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