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Effective Outdoor Advertising

10 Commandments of Effective Digital Signage-digital

At first glance, content creation for a new LED display can seem extremely intimating; what do you post, and how often? Check out our tips below to begin programming effective content that will not only attract attention, but also increase profit by driving customers to your business.

1.) Thou shalt not use more than one point of contact.

Make it simple for your audience to know how to contact you. Use your phone number, website or social media; whichever will retain the greatest levels of recognition.

2.) Thou shalt heavily employ images

Graphics and video cut through other distractions better than text, and customers are more likely to remember your message. “Reading” graphics take less concentration than reading text; this is especially important when your display is located near busy traffic.

3.) Thou shalt remain consistent with colours and branding.

Companies like Coca-Cola or Tide have established their brands with specific colours and images by using those elements in every aspect of their branding. Grow your unique brand by using your specific branding details across your digital signage content and in every message you create.

4.) Thou shalt not use more than 7 words.

This is the maximum that your audience will be able to read while travelling at speed past your display.

5.) Thou shalt use contrasting fonts and colours.

Use contrast effectively to ensure your outdoor advertising is able to be read easily. Take advantage of your display’s colour capability and use rich, vibrant, saturated colors versus white-based colours such as pastels.

6.) Thou shalt not always have a call to action.

By having a few messages without a specific call to action, you will attract continual attention. Consider a message with the time/date and weather, or a joke-of-the-day to train your audience to look at your display without feeling they are constantly being “sold” to.

7.) Thou shalt target the whole audience.

Acknowledge the fact that your outdoor advertising will be reaching a broad audience with different interests. Consider a variety of content that will interest as much of the the market as you can.

8.) Thou shalt not use overly subtle branding elements.

With an average message length of 6 seconds, your audience will not have the time to appreciate small elements (such as logos in the lower-corner) in your messages. Make any branding big and bold and easily seen.

9.) Thou shalt use creative copy.

Make the most of the 7 word limit to your messages by getting to the point and displaying the most important information.

10.) Thou shalt break these commandments.

There is no perfect solution or formula when it comes to programming your outdoor advertising display. You have already made the investment into your business with the most cost effective form of advertising, so play around with different approaches and discover what works best for your business!

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