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Quality Signage

Industry Leading Manufacturing

Since 1947, our Edmonton custom signage portfolio continues to grow with great examples of quality manufacturing that has been proven to stand the test of time.

From using correct materials intended for exterior applications, to proper manufacturing techniques, Blanchett Neon is the choice for quality illuminated business signage.


All new signage displays manufactured and installed by Blanchett Neon have a minimum one-year part and labour warranty. We believe fully in our products, suppliers and partners utilized int he signage process and stand behind our manufacturing procedures.

  • In addition to a standard one-year warranty, many aspects of our signage (LEDs, film, ext.) will have longer warranties offered directly by the manufacturer. Contact Us for more information.

Easily Serviceable

Edmonton Sign Manufacturing

Our signage is designed and manufactured with the future in mind.

Signage displays are engineered to allow for easy access to serviceable areas (such as illumination sources and wiring), cutting down on future service and maintenance times as well as repair bills.

  • Pylon Signs: Panels are hinged to allow easy access from a service van (versus needing an expensive boom-truck),
  • Skyline Signage: Power-Packs are installed in the building (to avoid requiring a swing-stage).

Knowledgeable Technicians

Our trained and knowledgeable signage technicians will complete the job correctly the first time. We manufacture as much of our signage in-house at our Edmonton facility as possible for quality control purposes and only buy or outsource materials that pass strict quality standards.


Electric Signs

All illumination sources installed in our signage displays have undergone extensive testing to ensure the high-output fluorescent and LED modules to stand the test of time:

  • LED Modules are spaced properly* and intended for use in exterior signage displays.
  • Fluorescent tubing is arranged in the display to be easily removed when requiring replacement or service.

*Proper LED spacing is based on cabinet depth, the strength of LED product used, and manufacturer’s best practices.


Every painted surface of our signage displays is properly sanded, primed, and then painted with exterior-grade, automotive quality paint products designed for the sign industry. Painting our signage in-house also allows us to include a touch-up kit for our installation crews to repair any small imperfections caused due to travel and installation process.

  • Matthews Paint Clear Coats allow for easy Graffiti Removal without damaging signage graphics or painted elements.
  • The finished product will be smooth and free of scratches, air bubbles, foreign matter or other defects.



edmonton cabinet signs

The interior of our cabinets are painted white for the better reflection of light

After years of manufacturing shaped sign cabinets, we now paint the interiors of our fascia box signs matte white to better reflect the light through the front of the display.

Film 3M certified Installers

Blanchett Neon is proud to be a recognized 3M Vinyl Film dealer; allowing us to pass along 3M’s extensive product warranty to our clients.

  • All signage displays will feature 3M Premium Vinyl films unless otherwise required.
  • An in-house digital printer expands our capabilities to include more intricate and detailed designs, giving customers the freedom of design and peace of mind that all digitally-printed signage will undergo our strict quality control testing.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal, Aluminum and Angle-Iron work are completed in-house by our trained and experienced quality signage technicians. Structural steel for oversized and freestanding signage is ordered through local steel companies.

  • Structural drawings are reviewed and stamped by a professional engineer.

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