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Green Initiatives

Signage Green Initiatives

Blanchett Neon is driven to continue providing the highest quality signage displays while reducing our carbon footprint through our company-wide green initiatives:


  • Proper disposal of all used printer toners, computer and electronic equipment.
  • Electronic billing and invoicing along with new technologies including in-house servers and programs help to reduce internal paper waste.
  • All Account Executives have been provided Apple iPads for viewing and sharing documents with clients.
  • We promote and endorse the use of LED illumination over fluorescent. (Learn more about LED Retrofits.)


  • Proper and environmentally sound disposal of fluorescent tubing, ballasts and transformers along with neon products, paints and solvents.
  • Scrap metal, cardboard, acrylics and plastics are sorted and picked up by local companies for proper recycling.

Green Signage

In the manufacturing process, we make every effort to utilize materials, products and suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability:

Paint Products

Vinyl Film

  • Our vinyl film of choice for all standard signage displays is 3M Premium Vinyl film.
  • Using 3M Premium graphic films instead of digital printing or traditional painting eliminates waste and VOC emissions associated with these processes.
  • Learn more about 3M’s commitment to sustainability.

LED Illumination

  • We are proud to partner with suppliers such as GE, Phillips and Allanson who share a dedication to clean energy processes.
  • LED illumination is a clean energy source that is produced and disposed of without the presence of toxic mercury that’s found in fluorescent illumination.


For more information on our suppliers, partners and other green initiatives, please Contact Us today!