Award Winning Design Team

Stand Out From the Competition

For many people, your sign will be the first impression they have of your business or organization. Make a memorable impact with attention-grabbing signs designed by our team!

We employ only trained professional graphic designers that are experienced in the signage industry to ensure your brand’s vision is translated into effective signage and is represented in the most accurate way possible with the latest programs and renderings available.

Leading Edge Technology

Each design station is equipped with a powerful dual screen CPU, (32 core / 64 GB RAM) capable of streamlining even the most complex of today’s 3D renderings.

Our talented sign design department deploys the most advanced, and latest design software available to ensure our clients have the leading edge in a highly competitive market:

Another technological advancement Blanchett employs is the use of a 3D ‘Printer’. Various sign components are constructed from a bio-degradable polymer resulting in professional-quality prototypes and highly detailed models with the goal of fusing the digital world with reality.

Complete Sign Design Services

One of our design specialties is creating 3D environments for the purpose of understanding fully how design components harmonize within any given location – all before they are ever constructed!

We want to be your Signage One-Stop-Shop, and that includes all design services; because of our design strengths, many clients have actually retained Blanchett as a ‘one-stop’ answer to all their design needs:

Artwork generated in our Design Department is well suited for demanding Permit applications and includes all required details to avoid any processing delays with bylaw officers.


Let our talented design team create a “fly-by” for your business signage- a video representation of how your signage will appear as you drive by it in the physical world from all surrounding angles.

Check out the videos below or our YouTube page for more great examples!