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Skyline Signage

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ATB Financial Tower in Downtown Edmonton

With 2 separate installations in 2016, and over nine hi-rise jobs completed since 2011, Blanchett Neon continues to be the top choice of organizations looking to brand their signage on buildings across Edmonton. Although Skyline Signage displays are typically Channel Letter displays, we specifically define Skyline Signage as displays that require a swing-stage for installation.

Check out more examples of Blanchett Neon Skyline Signage in our Portfolio.

Comprehensive Signage Services 

Blanchett Neon continues to be the top choice for Edmonton Hi-Rise sign displays for our complete project management services:


Edmonton Signage Permitting

  • We offer as much or as little assistance as required; from completing paperwork to support in complicated appeals, our team has the expertise and past experience in working with various City departments to have your permit application successfully approved.
  • More on our Signage Permitting Services.


Creation of Working Drawings

  • Our in-house team of professional draftsmen create production drawings illustrating mounting details, penetration locations for electrical conduit and all other information required to fasten the signage to a hi-rise building.
  • Working drawings are reviewed and stamped by an engineer.

Signage Innovation

Blanchett Neon is proud to have worked with the following institutions in designing and executing industry leading signage displays in downtown Edmonton:


ATB Financial

Testing of internal RGB LED illumination in our shop prior to installation

  • The first building in Edmonton to feature innovative RGB LED horizontal and vertical strips installed along all four sides of the building. Installation of these strips were coordinated by our project team, along with direction from ATB and the LED supplier.
  • Three (3) sets of 12′ high letters manufactured in-house by Blanchett, also featured the same RGB illumination.
  • Read more about this project.
  • The first signage installation in Edmonton featuring smart LED strip illumination; allowing the letters to be illuminated in 16.7 million different colours programmed into endless combinations.
  • Two (2) sets of 9′ high channel letter displays.


JACOBS Engineering
  • The first hi-rise signage installation in Edmonton where 3M specialty vinyl film designed for use with LED illumination was used.
  • Read more about this project.


Other successful installations include: Empire Building, the Westin Hotel, Enbridge, Intact Insurance, Peace Hills Trust, Focus, Edmonton Public Library (Sir Winston Churchill), and the Royal Alexandra Hospital (for AHS), among others!

Quality Manufacturing

Jacobs Production

JACOBS Engineering letters in our Manufacturing Plant

When any servicing to hi-rise displays includes expensive and time-consuming assembly of a swing stage, the use of quality products are essential in the production process of skyline signage. Blanchett Neon uses the following techniques and products to ensure your skyline signage remains looking as good as the day it was installed for years to come:

  • Automotive quality, two-component paint for a rust-proof finish.
  • Long-life, high output LED illumination products that are intended for exterior signage use.
  • Vinyl films intended for use in demanding outdoor hi-rise solutions with extended manufacturers warranty.

Certified Sign Installers

Skyline Signage Edmonton Tower

There is no Edmonton Sign Installation team that is more experienced in skyline signage installations than our crews. Blanchett’s experienced installation teams are all certified SSIT (Sign, Service, Installation Technicians), as well as have current swing-stage certifications:

  • Swing Stage
  • Aerial Work Platform
  • Fall-Arrest
  • High Angle Rescue

Learn more about our Installation Team.


Safety FirstEdmonton COR safety

Blanchett Neon is proud to have achieved and maintained COR (Certificate of Recognition) safety status.

Prior to beginning work, a site-specific safety plan will be created for all Blanchett Neon crews that will be working at the signage installation site.

A FLRA (Field Level Risk Assessment) will be created at the commencement of the job and re-evaluated when the job site or work area changes in accordance with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and COR requirements.

  • Over the last 10 years and numerous skyline signage installations, we are proud to have had no safety incidents or lost-time due to safety issues, concerns or problems.


Edmonton Tower Swing-Stage Installation Time-Lapse

In early 2017, we installed two (2) sets of 7′ high channel letters for the Edmonton Tower in Ice District; this features our crews carefully raising the last section of letters for the West Elevation via swing-stage.

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