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Freestanding Pylon Signs

85 % of Customers would not know your location without Signage.

Alberta Municipal Place

Pylon Signs are freestanding structures, typically placed perpendicular to the road in close relation to a business to attract attention.

From initial design concepts to complicated manufacturing and installation procedures, Blanchett Neon is the choice of businesses across Western Canada for freestanding pylon signage.

2 of 5 consumers make last minute purchasing decisions:

  • Catch the eye of existing and new customers where they are able to stop and visit your business; capitalize on impulse shopping at the point of sale.


Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Multi-Tenant Pylon with Digital Signage.

  • Shopping centres, professional buildings and large warehouse spaces all have the need for Effective Pylon Signage.
  • Landlords or property managers: give your tenants the opportunity to advertise their location within your centre or building by renting or leasing space on a property pylon sign.

Blanchett Neon will work with your specific centre’s needs to design the tenant panels to allow for flexible panel size and spacing.

Generate Revenue

Rent or lease out individual panel spaces on your pylon signage to your tenants to feel the return on investment of your custom pylon sign in only a couple of years.

Attract Tenants

By offering valuable, visible advertising on a well-placed multi-tenant pylon sign that gives their business optimum exposure to your centre, and to their business.

Dedicated Pylon Displays Norstrom Pylon

Dr. Nordstrom, Nordstrom Dental in Rimby, Alberta:

“My internal survey shows that 9 out of 10 new patients to my business were made aware of it from the signage, rather than the internet or other forms of advertising.”


The most effective signage for any business or organization is a freestanding pylon sign placed perpendicular to the road with a creative design concept to attract attention and effective wording to market your business.


Complement your Building

Attract attention and improve visibility to your business with a professionally designed, dedicated pylon sign that complements your building.

Quality Manufacturing

Our fully engineered and properly manufactured signage will require very little maintenance for the full life of the Freestanding Pylon sign display:


Every painted aspect of our signage will be properly sanded, primed, and then painted with only the highest quality paint products to ensure maximum life of the steel and metal products without rusting or fading.

  • We use Matthews paint products that are intended for outdoor signage applications.

IlluminationPylon Signs Edmonton

Our experienced team will ensure your signage has the proper amount of even illumination by using the highest quality LED and / or fluorescent illumination products that are best suited for your unique signage display, and work within your needs and budget.

  • Extensive Research and Development initiatives have been completed in-house to determine proper centre-to-centre spacing for best illumination output.
  • We partner with a wide variety of suppliers that stand behind their products with warranty guarantees.

For added peace of mind, talk to your Blanchett Representative about the advantages of LED illumination.


All structural steel used in our Freestanding Pylon Signs is ordered through local steel companies, ground smooth, primed and then painted.

  • Production drawings (including all internal support structures) are based on industry standards, and if required by the customer or permitting officials, can be reviewed and stamped by professional engineers to ensure structural integrity.


From tenant panels to headers cabinets, 3/16″ thick white lexan plastic is most commonly used to add strength and durability to our signage.

  • Other products commonly used include acrylic and flex-face based on the application, size and intended use.

Film 3M certified Installers

Blanchett Neon is proud to be a 3M authorized dealer, passing along the benefits of the Industry-Leader in film, as well as 3M’s extensive film warranty to our clients.

  • In addition to standard vinyl film colours, we also have a digital printer in our shop for the more intricate and detailed designs, giving our customers the freedom of choice.


More Information

Looking for further details on how a freestanding pylon sign will help your business meet your goals? Contact Us today: