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Fascia Sign Cabinet

fascia sign cabinet

Single-Faced, Illuminated Signage Cabinet (Edmonton)

One of the most common forms of exterior signage, a fascia sign cabinet (also known as a box sign), is a shaped sheet metal display (most often rectangular), with an extruding frame supporting a plastic face or flex-face material featuring vinyl graphics.

Fascia Sign Cabinet Specifications


All fascia sign boxes are built for your unique signage project, and are not “off-the-shelf” or pre-constructed. As such, no two projects are the same, and all specifications and sizing will be specific to your display:

  • Blanchett Neon sign cabinets are constructed of 24 gauge sheet-metal with no visible fasteners.
  • The returns (sides) of the cabinet are typically painted. We use AzkoNobel Sikkens automotive grade paint products, and all metal is roughed, primed, and then painted for a flawless finish that won’t rust or peel.
  • The retainer / frame can also be painted, but are typically left as a clear anodized mill-finish (see Insight Psychological photo above for example).
  • Typically 8-12″ deep depending on overall height and single-sided. Double-sided applications are possible for projecting signs, or when mounted to a freestanding structure or pole.
  • Hanging Strips are adhered to the Lexan® face to allow the sign to expand and contract with the seasons without the face popping out.

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Although it is possible to manufacture a non-illuminated box sign, they are most commonly internally illuminated to attract attention to your business 24/7. Illuminated fascia sign cabinets feature either fluorescent T12 tubing or LED illumination:

  • All illumination sources will be evenly spaced for a solid glow without hot-spots.
  • We paint the interiors of our cabinets matte white for better reflection of light.
  • The disconnect switch can be internal or external depending on your requirements.

Learn about LED Retrofitting.

White Face 750

The interior of our Sign Cabinets are painted white to better reflect light.


There are 2 application methods for fascia sign graphics; a Lexan® (plastic) face or a flex-face material stretched over a frame. Flex-face is used for displays over 8′ in height, or over 20′ in length as the material is more flexible and durable to movement in larger signs.

flex face fascia box sign

122′ long Fascia Sign Cabinet with Flex Face and 3M Vinyl Graphics (Winnipeg, MB)

All vinyl graphics are applied first or second surface to the Lexan® faces or flex-face material by Blanchett Neon experienced and trained sign technicians:3M certified Installers

  • First surface: the side of the flex-face or Lexan® that faces the elements. Second Surface: the side that faces into the sign.
  • As 3M Certified Installers, we are able to pass along the extended warranty of the product.
  • Our in-house digital printer gives clients flexibility of design to accurately and correctly display their brand image.


For a storefront signage application, fascia sign boxes are mounted flush (flat) against the wall. Adequate plywood backing will be required behind the mounting location, and our crews will survey the area prior to installation for confirmation of backing, access from behind for wiring, and any obstructions that will affect installation.

  • For a Double-Sided application, signs can project out from the wall or be mounted to a freestanding structure.
  • Our in-house installation crews and network of agents can install displays across Western Canada.

Learn More about our Installation Services.

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