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Non Illuminated Channel Letters

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Non illuminated Channel Letters are exactly what the name implies; individual letters that are not internally illuminated. Although we would recommend illuminated signage for any Alberta business, non-illuminated is a more cost-effective option for organizations that run regular (9:00 – 5:00) business hours, don’t necessary have walk-in traffic, or that are required to have non-illuminated signage for landlord or bylaw restrictions.

  • Industrial Business Park Signage.
  • Interior Reception Displays.
  • Address or Shipping and Receiving Signs.

Types of Letters

Although any type of individual channel letter can be manufactured without illumination, flat-cut-out aluminum, acrylic and non-illuminated reverse channel are the most common:

Flat-Cut-Out Aluminum Letters

Flat Cut Out Aluminum Letters Edmonton

Parkwood Business Centre (Edmonton)- 1/4″ Flat-Cut-Out Aluminum Letters

Flat-Cut-Out Aluminum letters are a great non illuminated channel letters option due to their ability to be easily formed into any font or shape, as well as painted any colour.

  • 3/16″ – 1″ thick (1/4″ is the most common.)
  • Non-reflective, semi-gloss painted finish is durable, dependable, and capable of being painted any colour to reflect your unique branding.
  • Ideal for individual letters less than 24″ in height.

Flat-Cut-Out Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Non Illuminated Channel Letters

Benefex Consulting (Edmonton)- 1/2″ Flat-Cut-Out Acrylic Letters

Flat-Cut-Out Acrylic letters are typically a bit more cost-effective than painted aluminum letters. Choose from a standard set of pigmented colours or have the letters painted to match your exact corporate colours:

  • 1/8″ – 1″ thick (1/4″ is the most common.)
  • Can be customized to any font style or logo with a smooth, laser-cut edge.

Unlike aluminum letters (which are painted), acrylic letters are pigmented, meaning that the colour is impeded into the material, and won’t rust, chip or peel off.

Non Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters

non illuminated reverse channel letters

Leder Steel (Acheson)- 1.5″ Deep Non Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters

Non illuminated reverse channel letters are most commonly used when the letter is either too large for flat-cut-out aluminum or acrylic, or to add dimensional depth and interest to your signage with the deeper letters:

  • 1.5″, 2″ or 3″ deep.
  • Like Illuminated Reverse Channel, the letters are available in a variety of materials, including brushed or painted metal, stainless steel, and other high-quality metals.
  • Reverse Channel are more cost effective than flat-cut-out aluminum once the letter is above 24″ in height.

Mounting Methods

Unlike Face-Lit letters, which are typically mounted flush (flat to the wall), mounting non illuminated channel letters off the wall with pins or studs gives additional dimension to your display without the additional cost:

Flush Mount

non illuminated reverse channel

Nordstrom Dental (Rimbey)- Flush Mounted 3/4″ Brushed Bronze Reverse Channel

  • Mounted flat and mechanically fastened into the wall.


  • Consists of using studs to pin the letters off the wall (0.25-0.5″ off the wall is the most typical).
  • Pin-Mounting is a great option to give additional dimension to your display without upgrading to a larger letter.


non illuminated channel letters mounted to rail

Rail Mounted Acrylic Letters (Edmonton)

Rail Mounting is a more cost-effective version of a Raceway or Wireway for when the mounting surface is not capable of supporting flush or pin-mounting:

  • Rails are constructed of aluminum tubing and can be painted to match building surface or corporate colours.
  • Often Landlords require rail mounting to reduce the number of holes drilled into the building.

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