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Face Lit Channel Letters

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Face Lit Channel Letters are by far the most common form of illuminated signage and as the name implies, consist of illumination through the face of the letter only. Constructed in two different methods (trim-cap or Let-R-Edge), both types are ideal for different business models, as well as budget.

  • Possible to be formed into any shape, logo or font to convey your business’s unique branding.
  • Constructed of CSA Approved Materials in our COR Certified Shop.
  • Illuminated with energy efficient LED technology.

General Face-Lit Specifications

Face Lit Channel Letters | Skyline Signage

Wiring of  8′ High Face Lit Channel Letters – JACOBS ENGINEERING (Edmonton)

Though trim-cap and Let-R-Edge letters are slightly different in their construction, both forms of Face Lit Channel Letters have similar specifications:

Letter Depth:

  • Also known as the Return of the letter.
  • 3, 5 or 12″ deep depending on the overall height of the letter (5″ is the most common.)


When we first began manufacturing face lit letters for Edmonton businesses back in 1947, custom Neon was the only illumination option available. Today, due to the fragility and high-energy draw of custom Neon tubing, light-emitting diode (LED) modules are the industry standard for channel letter illumination, and a great Green Energy option for environmentally conscious businesses:

  • LED illumination is carefully sourced from the industry’s top suppliers.
  • All LED modules are tested and intended for exterior signage applications.
  • Through extensive Research & Development initiatives, we have determined proper LED spacing within the letter and distance from the face to ensure even illumination without hot-spots.


  • The letter returns are painted (we use the Sikkens automotive-grade paint system).
  • The 3/16″ thick acrylic face is either coloured acrylic or vinyl film applied to the face.
  • As 3M certified installers, we can pass along the extended product warranty to our clients.

Construction Methods

Accuband | Trim-Cap

Trim-Cap letters are a machine-produced letter formed when rust-proof aluminum sheet metal is bent around the router-cut back of the letter, which is then welded and riveted into place. A 3/16″ thick acrylic face is cut to fit, and then a trim-cap border is added which is screwed into the letter returns.

  • Expected to last 7-10 years.
  • Difficult to service; the trim-cap is easily damaged when removed from the body of the letter, and is difficult to re-install.
  • UL Certified.

Let-R-Edge Letters

Let-R-Edge Individual Face Lit Channel Letters are hand-crafted by talented signage experts here in our shop using CSA approved materials.

  • Expected to last 40+ years.
  • Easy to service; the body of the letter is removed from the back plate and easily re-installed.
  • CSA Certified

Channel Letter Installation

Our experienced installers will install your face-lit channel letters efficiently and safely, in accordance with our industry leading safety program and COR workplace safety. Face Lit channel letters can be installed in the following methods:

Flush Mount

face lit channel letters edmonton

Face Lit Channel Letters Mounted Flush to Wall (Edmonton)

Flush mounting is the most common installation method for channel letters, but is dependent on having full access behind the letters inside the building.

  • The channel letters are drilled through the wall, with the power-leads pushed through each individual letter.
  • Powerpacks are located behind the letters inside the building.


Face Lit Channel Letters

Face Lit Channel Letters Mounted to Raceway Painted to Match Wall (Edmonton)

A raceway is a rectangular mounting structure that serves as an enclosure for the channel letter electrical components such as powerpacks and transformers. Our raceways are typically manufactured to hinge open, reducing service costs in the future.

  • The letters are mounted to the raceway, and the raceway is mounted to the wall.
  • Great option for when there is limited access behind the letters, or when required by Landlord or Shopping Centre.
  • Raceways can be painted to match corporate colours or to match the wall.


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