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Channel Letters

See also: Face Lit | Reverse Channel | Non-Illuminated

Since 1947, Blanchett Neon has provided Western Canada with quality channel letters, from the smallest interior sign, to 12′ tall Skyline Signage 26 stories in the air.

Unlike traditional fascia or cabinet signage, three-dimensional individual letters give your business the flexibility to accurately reflect your brand through colour, creative illumination methods and unique materials:

  • Constructed of rust-proof aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Illuminated with modern, energy efficient LED technology that is rated for exterior use, and properly spaced to avoid hot-spots.
  • Installed safely and efficiently by Edmonton’s most experienced and qualified Installation Team.


Illuminated Channel Letters

Skyline Signage

8′ High Channel Letters in Downtown Edmonton

As one of the largest signage types we manufacture, skyline signage are individual letters mounted high above the ground that require careful manufacturing and installation…Read More


Face-Lit Channel Letters


Face Lit Channel Letters Mounted to a Raceway (Edmonton)

The most common type of individual letters, a face lit letter is illuminated through the front of the letter only and is available as either Let-R-Edge and trim-cap (also known as accuband)…Read More


Reverse Channel / Halo-lit

Brushed Aluminum Reverse Channel Letters (Sherwood Park)

Also known as silhouette or halo lit, reverse channel letters have light emitting diode (LED) illumination facing into the interior of the letter and bouncing back out resulting in a “glow” behind the letters…Read More


Open Channel 


Open Channel with Red Con Neon (Edmonton)

Open Channel letters have a more “retro” or “old-school” look than traditional face-lit letters due to the exposed illumination (LED or Neon tubing)…Read More


Combination Display 

combination channel letters edmonton

Combination Display on a Brushed Aluminum Backer (Edmonton)

Incorporating a combination of  Halo-Lit, Open Channel, Face-Lit, Routed, or creative backers to a signage display to help your business will stand out from the competition…Read More


Non-Illuminated Letters

non illuminated channel letters

Use smaller, non-illuminated signage to continue to brand your business with different non-illuminated letter options including: moulded plastic, Flat-Cut-Out (constructed of aluminum or acrylic), and Cast-Metal…Read More


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Our account executives will work closely with your business to design the most effective channel letter signage for your location that will brand your location and capture the attention of potential clients 24 hours a day. Contact Us for more information today: