Digital Signage

Electronic Signs

Digital Signage, (also known as LED signs or Electronic Message Centres) are quickly becoming the marketing medium of choice for business signage. 

Our team of experienced, LED Sign Experts have worked with clients across Western Canada to help grow their brand through the most cost-effective form of advertising, Digital Signage.


Why Electronic Signage?

Target your audience where they are. Text is easier to recall when displayed along with a graphic, so make your business memorable by displaying spectacular, eye-catching images displayed in trillions of vivid colors.

Our Competitive Advantage

As an established company with years of experience supplying and installing digital signs, Blanchett Neon is the choice of Alberta’s top companies for our ability to provide expert advice on design, latest product options, software training, permitting, installation and after-the-sale service. 

Software Training

After making the investment in a new LED sign for your business, you want to be able to use it immediately, and not worry about learning a new program for which the manual may or not be available. 

All training will be customized for your individual needs and experience, and will allow you to have messages created and ready to go so when the sign is installed, your new Digital Sign can begin advertising for your business immediately.

LED Signage Permitting

Our team is unmatched in experience when it comes to permitting electronic signs.

We research your municipalities unique LED signage bylaws to determine any restrictions that will directly affect the sign design such as hold-times, colour capability (ex. red/ mono only), and size.

Once you have decided to move forward with your electronic sign, leave the permits to us! From completing the appropriate paperwork correctly to attending SDAB (Sub-Development Appeal Board) meetings if the original permit is denied, to working with municipal officials on re-working signage bylaws, we will make every possible effort to have your project approved.

Service & Maintenance

Our in-house service department is capable of providing full support to the digital signage during, and following the warranty period. 

At present, we have a fully stocked fleet with all equipment, tools, and parts to complete any job correctly and efficiently. Each vehicle has a crew of one boom truck-certified and SSIT-certified Technician (Sign, Service, Installation Technician) and an apprentice.