Channel Letters

Individual Letter Signs

Since 1947, Blanchett has produced the highest quality channel letter signs, from interior, non-illuminated displays, to 12′ tall Skyline Signage high above the ground.

These three-dimensional signs can be fully customized to your unique branding, resulting in a truly custom, one-of-a-kind look to allow your business or organization to stand out from the crowd.

Face-Lit Channel Letters

The most common type of individual channel letters, a face-lit letter consists of illumination through the face (front) of the sign only, and is typically mounted directly to a surface. Blanchett offers both Let-R-Edge as well as Trim-Cap (Accubend) construction methods.

Reverse Channel Letters

Also known as halo-lit or back-lit, Reverse Channel letters are extremely popular due to the unique lighting “wash” behind the letters once illuminated. 

The 3-dimensional, detailed fabrication of the letters makes reverse-channel a great option for both interior and exterior applications.

Skyline (High-Rise) Letters

Typically fabricated as a sheet-metal formed letter for additional strength and longevity, Skyline Signage letters require specialized mounting and electrical considerations to ensure quality and serviceability over time:

Non-Illuminated Letters

While it is always our recommendation to consider internal illumination for business signage, non-illuminated is a more cost-effective option for organizations that run day business hours, don’t necessary have walk-in traffic, or that are required to have non-illuminated signage for landlord or bylaw restrictions.