Financing Options

“Pay for your display as you use it.”

When investing in a new signage display, the upfront cost can sometimes be intimidating and often businesses end up with a display that doesn’t meet their unique advertising needs. With historically low interest rates, there is no better time to finance your new signage from Blanchett Neon!

We are proud to partner with RCAP Leasing (a division of RBC) to offer flexible and affordable Lease-To-Own signage financing in addition to our standard purchase options


Improve Cash Flow

Free up capital to continue to grow your business with minimal down-payments, and affordable monthly payments.

Comprehensive Leasing

Signage, software and installation is included in your lease to quickly acquire signage without major out-of-pocket expenses.

Afford the Display you Need

Maximize your advertising potential through the signage display that best serves your needs.

Avoid Obsolescence

Financing signage allows you to use the signage you need over the term in which you require it (for example, the length of a tenant lease.)

Flexible Payment Schedule

Payments can be arranged to match your business’ specific cash-flow patterns. Various payment schedules and buyouts available.

Tax Advantages

Generally, lease payments can be treated as operating expenses rather than capital expenditures, and may provide savings come tax season.*

* Please contact your financial adviser for specific details on possible tax savings.

Accurately Forecast Costs

With fixed-interest rates, you will have known payments over a specified period, and no depreciation figures or varying interest costs to question.


Include a service and maintenance agreement in the lease of your new signage display for peace-of-mind assurance.

Each service agreement is uniquely written; the service agreement for your new signage display will be tailored to include specifically what your signage requires to continue to function at full capacity.

  • Includes complete service and maintenance so that your on-premise advertising remains continuously effective.
  • One low monthly payment includes all upfront costs.