The Signage Process

Initial Discussion

We discuss your organization to determine what signage solution will best meet your needs:

  • Connect with an Account Executive to discuss marketing strategy, budget considerations and execution timelines
  • Initial survey of the site
  • Review our portfolio  

Signs are the least expensive, yet most cost effective form of advertising for most businesses. A good sign is your “handshake” with those passing by because signs are “on the job” for you 24/7/365. Businesses are often judged by the appearance and look of their signage. We live in a mobile society with potential customers perpetually relocating each year. As your customers move, you need to replace them by attracting new customers.

Cash purchases require a deposit of 50% when the contract is signed. The remaining balance is due 15 days after installation is completed. In some circumstances progress billings or payments can become due during manufacture- these are agreed upon before the contract is signed. They are most applicable in larger scale projects or those where manufacturing can take up to several months.

Blanchett Neon has several local leasing companies that we use to provide leasing numbers to our customers. Lease Agreements will be between you (the customer) and the leasing company; Blanchett Neon will not be involved or need to see any financial information. Most lease agreements include a down-payment as well as a buy-out option at the end of the term.

Definitely! We no longer live in a 9-to-5 society, and people will drive past your business location 24/7. With an illuminated sign display, you have an opportunity to communicate with your existing and potential customers, day or night… even when your business is closed.

As a business owner, consider all of your options, which may include cash payment, financing, or leasing.
Some business owners prefer leasing to purchasing to reduce their cash outlay. Leasing enables you to preserve your working capital for inventory, labor, and other normal costs of doing business. A normal lease will result in perpetual monthly payments, you never own the asset. There are leasing options structured with a final large payment to “buy-out” the lease and gain ownership of the asset.

Yes! Customers will “sign off” a proof sheet prior to production. We make every effort to include all relevant details pertaining to the sign in the proof sheet. At times “color critical” files require a test print. We are only able to accurately match “process colours” as referenced in the Pantone® colour chart. If your artwork uses a specific pantone color, please specify the coated pantone number.

The answer to this question is “generally not”. Most charges are included in the price of the end product. This can vary, though, on the complexity of the job. In any case, if it does appear that said costs may arise – your Blanchett Rep. will insure you receive a quote before we start the job.

You should be aware of several legal obligations that may affect your sign, including, among other things, permits, copyrights, patents and trademarks, building and electrical codes, local zoning or sign codes, and perhaps other regulations. These will vary depending on many factors. Blanchett Neon reps happily walk you through all these steps. In fact, many clients leave the process of filing for permits with us. No headaches!

The Design Process

Your Edmonton Custom sign proposal will be presented accurately and detailed:

We will require a Vector Logo (We support the following: [ .ai – Adobe Illustrator] [ .eps – Illustrator/Corel] [ .cdr – Corel Draw] also know in the industry as “vector” files.) to accurately display your signage rendering.

An original rendering illustrating the best signage solution for your business and location will be created.

Samples of colors and materials as shown in our renderings will be provided.

The Presentation

Your dedicated Blanchett Neon Account Executive will present the complete signage proposal:

  • Presentation of the artwork with accurate specs and colours listed.
  • Samples will be provided of materials if required.
  • A detailed estimate with no hidden costs.
  • Review of pricing and payment options (lease-to-own payment solutions have never been more affordable!)

The Decision

When you are ready to proceed with your new Edmonton custom signage, we will require the following:


We will not proceed with production of any aspect of your signage without the artwork renderings signed and dated. By signing our renderings, you are agreeing to all fonts, colours, copy and wording, location on wall, and any other specifications listed on the artwork. Rest easy knowing what is shown on the artwork is what we will build.

If any potential issues come up that may cause the artwork to be changed after the sign-off (after a site-survey for example), we will get into contact to let you know of the change BEFORE proceeding; and will most likely require another signature agreeing to the change.


Download our forms: Landlord Approval | Billing Information

  • Billing Information Form.
  • A Signed Commitment to Purchase (Purchase Order or Signed Sales Agreement).
  • Deposit (typically 30 % down). We accept credit cards (up to $ 5,000), as well as purchase order, money transfer or cheque.
  • A Detailed Site Plan.
  • Landlord Approval (if applicable).


We will not proceed with manufacturing your signage until we have your signed approval to proceed.

Production / Installation

Quality reviews are completed following each stage of Production.


  • Job will be entered into the production queue once paperwork is completed.
  • The permit application will be submitted (if applicable).
  • Production drawings will be created and meet engineering standards.
  • CSA manufacturing standards are met or exceeded.

Learn more about the Permit Process.


  • A private locate in addition to an Alberta First Call will take place for all underground utilities (as applicable).
  • All signage installations are carried out safely by certified field technicians and journeyman Boom-Truck operators.
  • Blanchett Neon has the largest service and Installation fleet in Edmonton; ensuring timely delivery of signage.

After Sale Service

We want to be YOUR signage provider for life, including all future service and maintenance services:


All Blanchett Neon-manufactured signage displays come with a complete one year parts and labour warranty:

  • Many of our suppliers provide longer or extended warranties; contact your Sales Rep for detailed information on the products / materials unique to your custom sign.


Extend the life-span of your Edmonton Custom sign display investment with an individualized Service and Maintenance agreement that is catered to your unique signage needs, including:

  • Annual Sign Cleaning.
  • Replacement of failed modules, fluorescent tubes, power supplies, ext.