School Sign Contracts

The Process

We are very excited to announce our ongoing partnership with the Edmonton Public School Board through our recent awarding of two (2) new school sign projects: an Interior Directory  wayfinding sign program for J. Percy Page school, and the supplier for exterior electronic signs for the school board.


Wayfinding School Sign

Edmonton school sign


Winning Proposal Design for J. Percy Page Interior Wayfinding Displays

The wayfinding program for J. Percy Page consists of removing the existing wayfinding displays, and designing, manufacturing and installing seven new signs throughout the school.

Designed by our senior graphic artist, Jeff Billey, the displays consists of a brushed aluminum panel featuring the school’s unique branding and logos behind an illuminated section that assists with directing students and visitors throughout the school.

We brought our extensive experience working in active school environments to the design process, and incorporated rounded corners to the illuminated directory panels and internally contained all electrical elements to reduce chance of injury.


Electronic Message Centre School Sign

Edmonton Public Schools Electronic School Sign

Winning Electronic Message Centre Display Design by Blanchett Neon

After previously being awarded the contract to supply electronic message centre displays for the Edmonton School Board back in 2013, (and installing displays for two Edmonton Schools,) we felt confident in putting our best foot forward for this latest contract.

The proposal required the sign design to be flexible enough to conform to the unique site conditions found at each school, while maintaining distinct branding for the Edmonton Public School board.

epsb schools- 600

Completed School Signs for Kildare Elementary & Victoria School of the Arts

Our winning display design is flexible in both overall size and height to suit each individual school’s needs, while the electronic portion (electronic message centre or LED sign), is programmed remotely inside the school building for safety purposes.

As with the J. Percy Page proposal, our familiarity with school signage played a hand in the design process, and we chose screw piles in place of traditional concrete bases to eliminate the possibility of the base becoming a tripping hazard for kids playing near the sign.


We are proud to continue our rich history of successfully completing signage projects for educational institutions, schools, and school boards across Western Canada, and are excited to see the finished displays installed!


More Information

Looking for inspiration for your own School Signage project? Our Portfolio features a comprehensive collection of previously completed signage displays or Contact Us for more information!