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Product Spotlight- Reverse Channel Letters

With the popularity of Reverse Channel Individual Letters only growing, and the availability from cheap off-shore competition rising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a signage company to partner with to supply your business signage.

Since 1947, Blanchett Neon has been dedicated to manufacturing and installing only the highest-quality signage displays to our clients across Western Canada, and our Reverse Channel Letters are no exception. Here is how we do it:



non illuminated reverse channel

3/4″ thick, Brushed Bronze Letters (Rimbey, AB)

Unlike traditional face-lit letters which need to have a translucent face to illuminate, our Reverse Channel Letters are capable of being constructed of high-quality finishes and metals including:

  • Brushed aluminum, bronze, copper or brass.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Painted aluminum.

Whereas other companies use vinyl films or paint to replicate the look, our letters are constructed of high-quality materials, resulting in a finish that won’t chip, peel or fade with time.


Reverse Channel Post 750

Halo Lit Illumination (ETS Fleet Services, Edmonton)

Illumination of Reverse Channel letters is where we really begin to set ourselves apart from the competition. The unique lighting “wash” behind the letters is achieved by mounting the LED modules to the acrylic back plate, facing into the body of the letter. The light then bounces of the interior of the letter (which we paint white to better reflect the light), and out the back, resulting in an even, bright “glow” around the display.

  • All LED modules we choose have been extensively tested in our plant, purchased from only the highest quality suppliers and are rated for external use.
  • All Channel Letters displays will be tested prior to leaving our shop.


Unlike other signage companies that look to save a bit of money by employing (or sub-contracting) unqualified, inexperienced technicians, all Blanchett Neon sign installations are completed by our in-house installation teams safely, efficiently and correctly.


Reverse Channel Letters are capable of being installed in the following ways:


Unlike traditional Individual face-lit channel letter displays, to achieve the illuminated “glow,” the reverse channel letters need to be pinned off the wall or mounting surface a minimum of 0.5″ for an even illumination without hot-spots or light spots. Full-Access is required behind the installation location for wiring, and to complete the final electrical connection.

  • Pins are fastened to the wall, with the power-leads pushed through each individual letter.
  • Power-Packs are located behind the letters inside the building or behind the wall.

Raceway or Backer

combination channel letters edmonton

Reverse Channel Letters Mounted to a Brushed Aluminum Backer (Dandy Spa, Edmonton)

A raceway (also known as wire-chase or backer) is a rectangular mounting structure that the letters are mounted to in place of the wall. Although the illuminated letters will still need to be pinned off the mounting surface, installing a raceway is a great option for when:

  • There is not adequate access behind the letters for wiring (it can contain all electrical components such as power-packs and transformers).
  • The building surface is incapable of mounting (ex. a uneven stone facade or corrugated siding).
  • For additional contrast against the wall, to incorporate branding colours or to attract additional attention to the signage.


For more information on our Reverse Channel letters, please Contact Us today at 1-800-226-6366.

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