7 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Quality Signage

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It is a question we hear quite often from both established and new businesses: why should my business make the investment in quality signage when what appears to be a similar product is available at a significantly lower price point?

In an increasingly cost-driven society, spending more for what visually looks similar might seem unnecessary, but after 70+ years of sign industry experience we have found quality signage is ALWAYS worth the investment. Here are are the top reasons why:


1.) First Impressions Are Important

Quality Storefront Signage

What impression are you hoping to make on potential new customers?

Recent studies have found 40% of shoppers make quality assumptions about a business based on whether that company has clear and attractive signage, and 54% have failed to find a business due to unclear or undersized signage. So what impression is your business signage making on potential new customers?

Although a less expensive product might look just as good as a superior display when first installed, signage is a long-term investment and new clients will still be passing by your storefront for years after the signage has been installed. Quality signage helps make a positive first impression as well as:

  • Brands your location 24/7.
  • Increases impulse purchases.
  • Builds continual top-of-mind awareness.

2.) Respect Your Brand Image

JACOBS letters feature specialty 3M Vinyl Film designed for LED illumination.

A budget-conscious supplier and a luxury car dealership don’t have much in common when it comes to target audiences and brand image, but the individual elements of each brand are equally as important. From choice of colour to correct spacing of letters to clear, easy readability at night; first-impressions are vital, but ensuring your unique brand image stands the test of time is equally important:

  • Paint or vinyl film reflecting your specific brand colours that doesn’t easily chip or fade.
  • Bright and even illumination without any hot-spots or shadows.
  • Experienced installation technicians that mount the display evenly, correctly, and with proper spacing.

3.) Reduced Service Costs

Although we are grateful for the work keeping our Service & Maintenance department busy, we would much rather focus on manufacturing and updating new displays for our clients, not repairing faulty signage completed by others. By investing in quality signage from the start, rest easy knowing you have invested in your future:

  • Peace of mind knowing storefront signage is advertising your business 24/7.
  • Quality internal components often have extensive product warranties, in addition to the standard manufacturers warranty offered from the sign shop.
  • Signage components most likely needing to be replaced are designed to be easily accessible through access hatches and hinge-frames without the use of oversized (expensive) equipment.

4.) Quality Breeds Quality

Quality signage can’t be faked or imitated; the skills, knowledge and background required to design, manufacture, install and support signage displays is bred from years of experience. When purchasing a quality signage display, have confidence the sign shop has the necessary training and tools to complete the job right the first time:

  • Trained staff that follow (or exceed!) industry standards and don’t void product warranties in the manufacturing process.
  • Assurance that the company will be around to support their display for the full life of the sign.
  • Knowledge on local signage legislation to ensure signage is legal and all required permits are in place.

5.) Safety First Edmonton COR safety

They say no press is bad press, but your business in the news for a safety violation, accident or fine is not what you want to be known for. As important as the visual advantages of quality signage are, ensuring your signage doesn’t pose a danger to staff, customers or passerby is just as vital:

  • Internal electrical components have been correctly and safely wired.
  • Signage materials are correct for the application, and don’t pose a fire or shock risk as it ages.
  • Use of correct fasteners based on sign type and mounting surface.

COR status is a great indication a signage supplier is dedicated to safe work practices.

6.) If You Don’t, Your Competition Will

From your direct competition to the business next store, the goal for storefront signage is to make your business the most memorable and top-of-mind for passerby. Open or closed, quality sign design is essential to keep interest in your storefront; if potential customers aren’t focused specifically on your products and services, their focus will just go elsewhere:

  • Creative, effective design stands out from the crowd.
  • Bright illumination that is easily viewed day and night.
  • The appropriate signage type for the location, average viewing distance, and target audience.

Check out our tips to effective sign design.

7.) Built for Canadian Weather

Quality Signage Edmonton

Quality Signage stands up to tough Canadian weather

With 80+ degree temperature swings to 100km winds to heavy snow for long stretches of time, Canadian signage requires specific design elements to last through our constantly changing weather conditions. In your search for quality signage, ask the sign shop where their quality signage is manufactured – often displays produced elsewhere are designed for a different climate and may not have the right features to last in Canada:

  • Hang-strips for lexan panels to protect from blowing out of the frame in heavy winds.
  • Concrete bases extend below the frost line to prevent heaving or shifting as seasons change.
  • Automotive grade paint products stand up to snow and the salts / rocks used to clear roads.
  • Snow-sheds and drainage holes reduce build-up of snow, ice and water.


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