Freestanding Pylon Upgrade

The Process

Freestanding Pylon Upgrade – Oliver Place


Freestanding Pylon signage is a must-have for any shopping centre, strip-mall or commercial development; Landlords generate revenue by renting panels to their tenants, and tenants easily attract customers to their business from the street.

However, in a lot of cases as a development grows, so does the pylon signage. New panels are added, existing panels revised, and the display becomes too visually busy to be effective. Such was the case for Oliver Place in downtown Edmonton.

We manufactured the original Oliver Place pylon structure back in 1991, and earlier this year when the property underwent a facade improvement, we were approached to assist with the freestanding pylon upgrade.

The Design Process

When designing a pylon upgrade, a few major questions come into play:


  • Has anything changed in the City’s bylaws or area plans that might effect or limit our design capabilities?
  • Checking the zoning for a specific area is always our first step in the design process.

Learn more about Signage Permitting.


It is ideal to have enough space for all tenants in the development to rent space on the display, but you need to balance the need for the sign to be easy to read:

  • Do you have any anchor tenants that require top or large panels?
  • Have the number of tenants increased or decreased? Do you expect the number of tenants to change in the future?


  • If the property is undergoing an upgrade or change, should the new pylon sign compliment the building?
  • Should the name of the property be featured on the display? It will reduce the available space for tenant panels, but might be a landmark visitors are looking for.

Pylon Upgrade Design

Our Pylon Upgrade Design

Pylon Upgrade

With these questions answered, our talented design department created the above pylon design that complied with local permit requirements, complimented the building, and featured the name of the display for reference.

To help keep the project on budget, we reused the internal structure (steel support poles, concrete bases and anchor bolts,) and only manufactured a new tenant cabinet, header structure, non-illuminated individual letters, and pole cladding to be installed on the refurbished poles.


Pylon Upgrade Signage Installation

As part of our comprehensive project management services, in addition to achieving the signage permits, removing the existing display and manufacturing the new, we also supplied graphics to a number of the tenants.


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