Blanchett Neon awarded Edmonton Public Schools contract

The Process

  • Edmonton Public Schools has awarded Blanchett the contract for all their freestanding electronic signs.
  • Victoria School of the Arts will be installed this year.
  • Kildare School is an elementary school located in northeast Edmonton that Blanchett will be doing a freestanding electronic sign for in 2013.

For more information please contact Rob Odegard at 780-453-2441 ext. 208 or Jim Campbell at 780-453-2441 ext. 205.

How do schools benefit from digital signage?

Schools use outdoor LED displays to:

  • Welcome students and visitors
  • Promote events and programs campus-wide
  • Recognize academic and athletic achievements
  • Show time, temperature, weather forecasts and other public service announcements
  • Build a more connected community.
  • Communicate with students and visitors with an electronic medium that demands attention.

Traditional bulletin boards and printed posters can’t keep up. A digital signage network instantly informs students of speakers, sporting events, honor student achievements and gracious donors.

In times of crisis, these displays can be transformed into an emergency communication system, allowing staff to post visual alert messages quickly.