12850 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton, Alberta
TOLL FREE: 1.800.226.6366
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Edmonton Neon Museum


The first outdoor signage museum in Canada, the Edmonton Neon Sign Museum was a collaboration between the City of Edmonton, the Alberta Sign Association, and local sign companies (including Blanchett Neon!) in the installation and restoration of historical neon signs that feature a part of Edmonton’s past.

The Museum is located on the side of the Telus Building in downtown Edmonton (104th Street and 104th Avenue).

Of the 8 signs currently exhibited in the museum, Blanchett Neon has generously donated time and resources to restore 3: “Canadian Furniture”, “Canadian National Railway”, and “Northern Alberta Railways,” in the effort to help revitalize Edmonton’s downtown core.


Restoration efforts begun in 2012 including hand-painted details, neon tubing, new sheet metal decor, and finally careful installation in -25 Degree Celsius weather in the February of 2014.

Blanchett is so proud to have been able to take part in this great project, and hopes the museum only continues to grow!