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Edmonton Business Signs

AHS Emergency

Completed Signage Display

Signage installations are complex on a good day, but working above an active emergency bay is a whole new level, as our team recently encountered at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton.

For a typical installation, our crews will secure off the work area with cones and barricades for safety, and then work within that area. In this specific case, because ambulances needed full, uncompromised access to the area with only a moment’s notice, our typical set-up would not work.

Edmonton Business Signs

Letters Before the Faces are Installed

It would have been easy for us to just show up and demand access to the area to install the Edmonton business signs, (as other installation companies might have) with an “our-way-or-no-way” attitude. Lucky, that isn’t the way we operate.

In the weeks prior to the installation, our team met with both hospital managers as well as emergency room doctors to coordinate the careful placement of our trucks and crew, and to plan for if/when the ambulances began arriving.

We are happy to announce that the fact that you didn’t hear about this installation in the news shows we were successful.

Only by working with our clients and putting in the work to identify specific site requirements ahead of time allows any installation to be completed correctly.

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