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Electronic Changeable Copy Board

Does your business currently use a static readograph or changeable copy board to advertise latest sales and information about your business? Then you probably understand the struggle of changing a message in our harsh Alberta winters, leaving a single, dated message up until the weather improves, or using numbers in place of letters that have gone missing.

The first cost-effective product of its kind, the new Daktronics Galaxy eCCB (Electronic Changeable Copy Board) will increase profits for your business immediately by eliminating the need to manually change messages. Designed as a direct replacement of traditional Changeable Copy Boards, this new product will slide right into your sign’s existing framework and is the perfect solution for any business in any industry.


User Friendly Programming

Programmed from any internet-enabled device that will connect to the Galaxy eCCB’s wifi router (so long as you are within 400ft of the display), no longer worry about your employee’s safety as they struggle to change a static message in all types of weather.

  • Ability to program different messages that hold for 1-30 seconds at a time (as required by your local sign bylaw or personal preference).
  • The sign doesn’t need to be added to your protected network (great for secure locations such as banks!)
  • No downloading complicated software that requires extensive training.


Creating a new Message: 


Ease of Installation


Unlike traditional digital signage displays that require specific power and installation requirements, the Galaxy eCCB will slide into the framework of your Manual Changeable Copy Board, and will run off power supplied to your existing sign.

Our Installation and Service crews have been Factory Trained by Daktronics Engineers on proper installation techniques and procedures for the Galaxy eCCB to ensure your sign is installed correctly, safely, and efficiently the first time.

  • Shorter Installation times = Greater savings for your business!
  • No additional power required; the Electronic Changeable Copy Board display will run off existing power to your sign.

About Daktronics

Blanchett Neon was the top re-seller of Daktronics LED Sign products in Canada in 2012.

Commitment to quality is the first thing we look for in a partner supplier, and Daktronics are no exception. Based in Brookings, South Dakota, their displays are manufactured in the United States, and put through extensive testing in the Product Reliability Lab. Their customer service is unmatched in the Sign Industry, and support services are only a phone-call away.

  • American Manufactured LED Signs.
  • Easy-to-use software that is backed by extensive training options and manuals.
  • Superb customer service that will support their product for the full life of the display.

More Information

Need more information on this exciting new product? Contact Us or Request a Quote online for even more reasons why your business will increase profits immediately with a new Daktronics Galaxy eCCB display.