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COVID-19 Blanchett Neon Response

March 19, 2020

As a valued part of the Blanchett Neon family, we appreciate the trust you place in us and our people wherever we do business together. In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to monitor the rapidly-evolving situation involving the coronavirus or COVID-19, so we wanted to provide an update on how we are handling the situation at Blanchett Neon.

Safety is always the highest priority – it’s part of our core values, and a shared value with our customers, vendors, and partners. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we have taken the following steps to address COVID-19:

  • Blanchett Employees are asked to consistently and thoroughly wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer before entering any shared spaces, including when entering the facility, before and after breaks, before and after using the washroom, and/or before and after utilizing any common areas which include the boardroom(s), printer area(s), time clock, shared tools, equipment and/or any company vehicles.
  • All staff members that are not feeling well as asked to stay at home and consult with their doctor and with management.
  • Blanchett has adopted a “no hand-shake policy” and would encourage all staff to maintain a one (1) meter distance when communicating with fellow teammates.
  • All staff are required to sanitize their work areas (including their desktop set-up, and any tools/equipment) at minimum daily.
  • All customer, vendor, or supplier meetings at our facility are immediately suspended and are to be held as a conference call or via skype.
  • All off-site meetings, networking events, or other work-related functions will be limited to those deemed essential to operating our business and are to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All staff members that are able to work from home are requested to do so, starting Monday, March 16. A small number of employees will have office access to ensure we can perform essential activities that aren’t able to be completed from home at the moment.
  • All Out-Of-Town or interior installation jobs are to be suspended indefinitely – day trips will be permitted, but all overnight trips will be re-scheduled for a future date.

Despite these ever-changing circumstances, we are maintaining “business as usual” operations under these modified conditions. We are closely monitoring the situation as it progresses and will update our operations as necessary to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the people that we work with.