Celebrating 70 Years – Sign Installation Vehicles

The Process

Edmonton Sign Installation

For this first look back at our 70 years in business, we will be featuring one of the most important aspects of our process; the installation of custom signage displays and the various vehicles, tools and teams that have helped establish our reputation as a leader in the Western Canadian Sign Industry.


The Early Years (1946 – 51)

For the first years of our existence as a division of Blanchett Decorators, all signage installations took a back seat to the decorating work, and the mounting of custom neon signs during this period took place mainly during evenings and weekends when the main business was closed, and vehicles available.

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Edmonton Sign Installation Vehicle

Our First Location at 11448 Jasper Ave.

Following incorporation as individual entities in 1947, business grew quickly and the purchase of a boom truck greatly expanded our sign installation capabilities, and in turn the manufacturing side as well.

Edmonton Sign Installations

Circa Early 1950’s

We’ve come a long ways from balancing half on a scaffold and half on a ladder while installing signage; our current safety program has not only achieved COR status, but is recognized as among the best in the industry.

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Edmonton Sign Install Vehicles

Circa Early 1950’s


Second Location (1952-69)

Following our early success and growth the former facility became quickly insufficient in size and capabilities, and both Blanchett Decorators and Blanchett Neon moved in 1952 to a larger facility downtown at 10224-109th Street.

Edmonton Sign Installations

Our Second Location at 10224-109th Street

The next few years saw continued business growth, as well as the emergence of a formal “Service” department. This new division required vehicles smaller than traditional installation trucks to fit in a wider variety of sites across Northern Alberta, and multiple service vans joined our growing fleet.

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As we went smaller with our install vans, by the mid-to-late 50’s we also went larger with our boom trucks. The very latest technology at the time featured hand-cranks to raise and lower signage, and this sign installation vehicle was actually still in use for another company in the mid-90’s!

Edmonton Sign Install Vehicle

Circa Mid 1950’s

As we entered the 1960’s and 70’s, neon remained the illumination method of choice, and talented crews with signage installation vehicles traveled across Western Canada as our market continued to grow. The below signage display for Avis Rent a Car was installed in Yellowknife, NWT in the late 1950’s.

Historical Sign Installation Vehicles

Circa Late-1950’s

Multiple vehicles meant larger-scale installations, and some of the largest displays in Edmonton and area at that time were installed by Blanchett!

Circa 1960’s


Third Location (12850 St Albert Trail)

Once again we had outgrown the capacity of our facilities, and a final move was made to our current plant at 12850 St Albert Trail in 1969.

Freestanding Pylon Signs have always been one of our specialties, and the new, larger manufacturing plant helped expand our production output, with a shift to a greater number of larger displays completed on a more regular basis.

Sign Installation Vehicles

Circa Mid-1970’s

Circa Late-1970’s

Sign Install Vehicles

Circa Early-1980’s


Modern Era

Today, our crews still travel across Western Canada installing signage displays for a wide variety of clients. In mid-2017 our newest service van will be joining a current fleet of 3 boom trucks and 3 service vans to continue our proud tradition of safe, efficient signage installations.


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