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Daktronics 2015 Sales Expo

To remain relevant in a highly innovating and advancing industry, there is no better way to spend resources than on staff training. In a sector as quickly advancing (not to mention highly competitive!) as Digital Signage, Blanchett Neon wants to remain an industry leader in the Edmonton and Alberta Sign Industry by being knowledgeable and trained on the latest products and innovations for our clients.

When it comes to LED sign displays, Daktronics have proven themselves time and time again to be a company that we are proud to partner with, and so when they extended the invitation to attend their 2015 Sales Expo, we were very excited to attend.

This beautiful Street Furniture Display welcomed us to the Expo:


From September 8-11, Our sales executives Rob and Taylor, as well as our installation coordinator, Chris, headed down to the corporate headquarters of Daktronics in Brookings, South Dakota to attend the 2015 Daktronics Sales Expo. Blanchett Neon has a long-standing relationship with Daktronics, and are proud to partner with a company with the same ideals of quality, reliability and superb customer service; before, during and after the sale.

The conference was fantastic, with over 100 attendees from all over North America there to learn about the latest product and software offerings that Daktronics is releasing this year, and these are a few of our highlights:

Sign Design Competition

Now this is one of our favourite parts of any conference! We take great pride in employing the best graphic designers in the industry, and this year’s submissions were no exception! With the Daktronics products in mind, we entered our signage displays for Special Event Rentals, Mill Woods Assembly and the DOW Centennial Centre into the 2015 contest, and were delighted to present both Special Event Rentals, and the DOW Centre at the Thursday night Banquet.

Sales Executive Rob Odegard presenting the sign he sold for the DOW Centennial Centre:


and Sales Executive Taylor Blanchett presenting her sign for Special Event Rentals:



The presentations were short, just a brief overview of how the project came to be, how the customer chose the display they ended up with, and how Daktronics helped before, throughout and after the sale.

We were so excited the next morning, after the main session to discover that the sign for Special Event Rentals had won the contest (and bragging-rights among colleagues for the next year…).

Lunch with Founder Al Kurtenbach

It is relatively rare for senior management of a publicly traded company to be seen around the day-to-day operations of any company, and yet we were exposed to a great deal of the senior staff of Daktronics in our short visit. A specific highlight was the opportunity to have lunch with the founder of Daktronics, Al Kurtenbach, who shared with us his insight into the industry, and a few stories from his MANY years of experience.


We are proud to partner with a company that shares the same ideals of quality signage products as we do, and are looking forward to the years to come!

To learn more about Daktronics Digital Signage displays, and how they will help grow your business and increase revenues, CONTACT US today!

Shop Safety


Safety at Blanchett Neon is always the first priority. We are proud to have achieved our initial COR Certification back in 2008, and our most recent external safety audit to maintain our certification confirmed our safe work practices are still in compliance with all COR requirements, and we achieved a final score of 98% on our January external Safety Audit.

Every company that is COR certified by the Alberta Construction Safety Association must have another member of the COR program in a similar industry conduct an external safety audit to maintain their certification. This external audit examines all safety paperwork and records (such as FLRA forms), and determines if the safe work practices are actually followed as defined in the company safety manual.

The external safety audit was conducted at our Edmonton manufacturing facility from January 19-23, 2015, and the auditor very carefully inspected and observed all safety manuals, records and work being completed in our manufacturing facility.

To learn more about COR certification and safe work practices in Alberta please visit the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Download our COR In Progress Letter.