Bee Bell Bakery Edmonton Neon Museum Sign Restoration

The Process

Bee Bell Bakery Neon Sign Edmonton

Sign at Original Location

The newest addition to the Edmonton Downtown Neon Museum may bee one of the sweetest! (Pun intended). Following our previously completed sign restorations for Canadian Furniture, Northern Alberta Railway, and Canadian National Railway, we were very excited when the opportunity came to restore the classic display for Bee-Bell Health Bakery.

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Sign Restoration Process

Neon Sign Restoration

Sign Prior to Original Restoration in 2011


The Bee-Bell Sign was previously brought into our shop in 2011 for a full restoration process, so when the owners donated the sign to be installed at the Edmonton Neon Museum, only minor paint and final finishes touch-ups were required.


Sign Restoration

The small details on the Bee Wings needed to be repainted


Every signage display that goes through our shop (either as a sign restoration or a brand new display) is tested in the wiring phase of production to ensure all components are in perfect working condition prior to leaving for installation.

In the previous restoration process, we replaced approximately 10 units of custom neon tubing, so these replacement parts were re-tested, and the sign was (unsurprisingly), working as well 5 years later as the day it was re-installed in 2011.


Bee Bell Bakery Sign Restoration

Fully-Restored, Illuminated Sign in our Shop


The next step in the process was to re-install the completed, and fully functioning sign at the Edmonton Sign Museum at the Downtown Edmonton location on the side of the Telus Building on the corner of 104th Street and 104 Avenue.

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Sign Restoration

Sign Restoration

On Site- 750

Install- 750

Sign Restoration

Completed Sign Restoration


It was our absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to complete even the smallest sign restoration details on this playful, classic neon display, and we are looking forward to the next sign restoration opportunity to add to the Edmonton Downtown Neon Museum!


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