ATB Financial Downtown Edmonton Building

The Process

In early 2013, Blanchett Neon was proud to have been awarded the contract from ATB Financial to manufacture and install 3 sets of 12′ High letters for their newly minted downtown Edmonton Headquarters, as well as install YESCO Electronics vertical and horizontal RGB strip lighting outlining the corners of the building (among other signage).

This was a huge project for us, not only manufacturing from scratch the 12′ high letters, but also installing these letters 26 stories in the air via a swing-stage.

The building looks great, and our friends at ATB have been busy using their building’s unique lighting elements to illuminate and complement our downtown core in a variety of ways- the YESCO Electronics LED mini pucks in the letters allow a fully programmable range of motion within the letters. In the photo above, ATB used the vertical RGB strips on the side of the building as a metal-count for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

With this installation, Blanchett Neon has successfully manufactured and installed Skyline signage for 2 buildings in the last year- downtown Edmonton is becoming a great portfolio of our quality Skyline Signage displays! For information on the JACOBS Engineering building, click here.